Even though animals are not my main focus of attention when I take photos, I can see the beauty of them and when I do, I like to photograph them the same why I portray people. I like to feel some kind of connection. And then make the photos into wallart.

Would you like me to portray (you and) your favourite animal?
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Zwart-wit oog van zwarte neushoornvogel-2625
Zwart-wit Tijger -2428
Zwart-wit zebra kop-2661
Zwart-wit kraanvogel liggend-2811
Zwart-wit panter gapend liggend-2765
Zwart-wit Os-2548
Dieren Wildlands-4174
Dieren Wildlands-4136
Dieren Wildlands-4115
Dieren Wildlands-4092
Dieren Wildlands-3852
Dieren Wildlands-3940