Every year it is a new challenge: to organise the most exciting birthdayparty for your child. And the older the children get, the more ideas they have themselves about their party.
I have seen many children's birthdayparties and what always strikes me is that, in the end, for children the most important thing about birthdayparties is that they can play with all of their friends at once, eat food of their choice and be the centre of attention for that one day.
In 2020 I attended the birthdayparty of Quint and his small group of friends. This time they did a BMX workshop, which they all classified as 'the best party ever!'.
Traditionally Quint and his friends choose to eat french fries directly from the dinner table, instead of from plates. Especially the fact that the ketchup or mayonaise can be put on the table as well is always a great succes.

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