In 2017 I went to Bolivia as a reporter of the Dutch aid organization 'Mensen met een missie' (People with a mission). We visited several local projects that work on the subject of domestic violence on women, which happens to about 70% of all Bolivian women.
I had the opportunity to talk with the leaders of the local organization, often victims of domestic violence themselves. I heard endless numbers of stories by women who were able to escape their homes, with the help of these organizations. One story even more terrible than the other. But now, these women were learning about their rights and learning crafts to make a living of their own, not needing the support of any men in the future.
Most hopeful to me were the projects where children and families learned about the cultural implications of masculinity and how that could be changed. And why it should be changed. Because men and women are equal. And is still a man, also when he doesn't use violence against his family.

Some of the pictures below are the result of an impressive interview I had or story I was told. If that is the case, it is stated underneath the picture and you can click on it to find the story.

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Bolivia – Levantate Mujer women– 1200px
Bolivia – Aymara woman with baby on back– 1200px
If you want to learn all about Aymara culture, click on the picture!
Bolivia – BW Schoolgirl 2– 1200px
Bolivia – BW Schoolgirl 1– 1200px
Bolivia – Seemstress– 1200px
Bolivia – Boy in open door– 1200px
Bolivia – Girl brown white– 1200px
Bolivia – Pink girl– 1200px
Bolivia – BW Aymara lady sleeping– 1200px
Bolivia – BW Old chessplayer– 1200px
Bolivia – Girl looking over shoulder mother– 1200px
Bolivia – Landscape herder with alpacas– 1200px
Bolivia – Landscape who looks at who– 1200px
Bolivia – Aymara woman– 1200px
Bolivia – Grandfather and grandson– 1200px
Bolivia – Old man yellow brown– 1200px
Bolivia – Boy upside down– 1200px
Bolivia – BW baby– 1200px
Bolivia – Woman protestor– 1200px
Bolivia – Girl amongst doves– 1200px
Bolivia – BW old lady– 1200px
Bolivia – Woman with baby and girl– 1200px
Bolivia – Grandmother and grandson blue green– 1200px
Bolivia – BW Friends– 1200px
Bolivia – Boy with red hood– 1200px
Bolivia – Girl with red hat in Agua Blanca– 1200px
Bolivia – Streetview Sucre– 1200px
Bolivia – Yellow Beetle– 1200px
Bolivia – Busy street– 1200px