I met Cor when he came to our house to tow away our car.
What caught my eye at first was the Tibetan tattoo on his arm.
But when I asked him about it, he told me that all of his tattoos are related to Buddhism. Curious as I was about the story behind the tattoos I asked Cor if I could come visit him in his house to let him tell me all about it. And so I did.
As I arrived in Cors house I immediately saw that is interest in Buddhism didn't only show in his tattoos, but also in the Buddha statues he had in his house. With every statue Cor had a story and he told me about his love for Thailand.
He also showed me all of his tattoos, even the ones that are not directly visible, like the one on his back.
I found it very special that Cor let me enter his life,
by telling me so passionately about the importance of Buddhism and Buddhas in his life.

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