Holi (or Phagúa) is a Hindu festival, that celebrates the victory of the good over the evil, but also the end of the winter and the birth of spring (the warm and colourful season). This is why (Hindu) people sprinkle a variety of scents and colours (powder) on each other.
With Holi, a new beginning is celebrated and therefore Holi is also viewed as a New Year's festival.
Holi is a festival for everybody and by colouring everyone with the scented powder this is emphasized, because being covered in colors, everyone is equal.
I celebrated Holi with the Hindustan community in The Hague, The Netherlands. I was warmly welcomed and enthusiastically participated in the festivities.

With my photo series I hope to show that Holi is a true playground for children as much as it is for adults. And to me it is really a very happy start of the spring season.

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