Noor & Bo are best friends.
They both live in one of the newest neighbourhoods of Amersfoort
in the center of The Netherlands.
This neighbourhood is designed like an old Dutch city,
with canals between the houses.
In summertime this is a very popular area for children to play in and around the water.
As adolescents, Bo and Noor don't really play anymore,
but still like to enjoy the water when the temperatures rise.
I love this age, where they are no longer children,
but also not yet adults.
And I wondered how they act when nobody's watching.
So one summer afternoon I decided to go with them.
And as I silently sat by the water, after some time,
they didn't notice me anymore and I was able to watch them act
like almost-adult surf (or in this case sup) girls.
They obviously had lots of fun splashing around like kids do,
but they also used the water and their sup board to relax.

The main picture of this series was one of the selected a winner of the
Summerphoto Competition of the Dutch newspaper Stad Amersfoort.

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