14 januari 2021

5 weken in Australië: onze route

28 september 2020

Het verhaal achter het portret van de vrolijke, oude Portugees

15 juli 2020

Temple and shrine rituals in Japan

When visiting (Buddhist) temples or (Shinto) shrines in Japan, there are a couple of rituals that will stand out to you. In this article I will explain three of the most apparent rituals in Japanese temples and shrines.
1 juli 2020

Japanese children as inspiration for children’s books

For two of my children's books on Japan and Japanese culture, Japanese children formed the inspiration. In this article I tell you who and how.
6 mei 2020

4 weken met kinderen naar Japan: onze reis route

1 maart 2020

The Aymara of Bolivia

Cultural Anthropologist and Aymara expert Tom Zwollo gives an insight into Aymara culture. About the pureness of children and their role in inviting the ancestors to the earth and living in harmony with nature.
27 november 2019

Een goed gesprek met mijn zoon (8): over Kalvijn en de kinderen van IS

9 november 2019

Een duik in de wereld van de (familie) opstellingen

23 oktober 2019

Nam tincidunt metus

16 augustus 2019

Monnik in Parijs