Every year Carnaval is celebrated in The Netherlands. Especially in the southern provinces. Since I am from the northern part I didn't really grow up with these festivities. My husband though, is from the South of The Netherlands, so as soon as we got together, he took me with him to celebrate carnaval with him.
Before that I only viewed carnaval as an excuse to drink too much alcohol and dress up in a ridiculous way. But since I celebrated carnaval with him, his family and all of the people in 'the south', I understood that it is much more than that. That it is a tradition, a celebration for everyone, where everyone (young and old, rich and poor) is welcome and joins the festivities (from a young age) and everyone is equal. Even though I don't speak the local dialect I was warmly welcomed to join them in their party.
So even though this carnaval doesn't have much to do anymore with its Catholic origins, it is still a holiday that is filled with tradtion and depth than an outsider (from the North) could ever imagine.

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