Japan is a country of contrasts. The ancient history, culture and religions and beautiful greener-than-green nature versus the super-modern skyscrapers and neon lights. And then the people. Even there seem to be opposites, sometimes even within the same person.
Features like traditional, disciplined and polite go together with a bit crazy, out-of-the-box and trendsetting.

But what struck me most was the silence. Everywhere! In the trains, where you are even asked to not press the keys on the keyboard of your laptop to loudly. But also in the most crowded places there is peace and silence. Not to mention the fact that you will not be pushed aside or overtaken by others.

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Japan – Ladies in kimono with vending machine
Japan – Golden temple Kyoto
Japan – Temple protector deity 1
Japan – Temple protector deity 2
Japan – Bicycle
Japan – Ladies in kimono with Jizo Shrine
Japan – Making reed hats younger woman
Japan – Making reed hats old lady
Japan – Monks Koyasan
Japan – BW woman praying for Buddha
Japan – Red gate in forest
Japan – Koyasan temple in forest
Japan – Himeji castle
Japan – Temple Nara
Japan – Osaka river colour
Japan – Osaka river Black n White
Japan – View over Kyoto
Japan children as inspiration for books schoolchildren- 1200px
Seeing these children walk home on their way from school, was a major inspiration for one of my children's books.
Click on the picture to read all about how.
Japan – Woman warning boy on bike
Japan – Man offering water
Japan – Waterfall river in forest
Japan – Kyoto river
Japan – Children in green ricefields
Do you want to know which route we travelled when we visited Japan with our children?
Click on the picture to find out. (Article in Dutch.)
Japan – Prayer beads
Japan – People at Shinto shrine
Japan – Senso-Ji temple
Japan Temple rituals incense bathing- 1200px
In Japan there are several rituals that you will encounter when visiting temples or shrines.
If you click on the picture you can read the article that I wrote about it.
Japan Temple rituals wooden lucky charms – 1200px
Japan Temple rituals paper lucky charms- 1200px
Japan – Houses in ordinary street
Japan – Shibuya crossing
Japan – Man on cemetary
Japan – Graveyard Okunoin
Japan – red umbrella
Japan – Gion Kyoto
Japan – Fushimi shrine
Japan – Jellyfish
Japan – Kawaii monster cafe